Optical amplifiers continue to be a workhorse in optical networks today, even as the industry adopts new technology such as 100G and 400G. These applications include EDFA, YEDFA and DWDM amplifiers, which are designed over a broad range of pump powers. OFS offers a breadth of products for amplifier manufacturers for their solutions in access, metro, long-haul and submarine networks.

For Erbium-doped Fiber (EDF), OFS has the broadest portfolio in the industry for C-Band, L-Band and amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) sources. With over 20,000Km of EDF shipped in the last ten years, OFS’ market leading fibers are designed into a majority of amplifiers and systems deployed throughout the world. With advances in system design, system houses are miniaturizing the amplifier to reduce the footprint. These new amplifiers will meet the demanding needs of C-D-C ROADMs as well as new innovations such as pluggable form factor amplifiers. OFS is a market leader offering its EDF products in 80µm for these new amplifiers and is also developing next generation fiber products to meet footprint and performance requirements.

OFS also offers Erbium-Ytterbium (EY) Fiber and gain blocks for high power amplifiers in the CATV market. We presently offer a complete set of building blocks such as the fiber, fiber combiners, assemblies and a complete gain block package providing our customers with complete flexibility for their amplifier designs. We offer EY in both double clad (polymer coated) and all glass clad, which gives our customers a choice when designing their amplifiers for regional markets.

OFS has a strong track record of high volume delivery, maintaining custom specifications, performance, quality and reliability. With our expanding product portfolio for the amplification market, OFS is differentiated as a trusted fiber solutions partner, which combined with our technical expertise, enables our customer base when developing their own leading edge products.


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