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Why HCS®?

HCS 200

HCS® (Hard-Clad Silica) is a problem-solving, polymer coated optical fiber system invented by us in the early years of the optical fiber industry. A proprietary polymer is applied to the pristine surface of pure, fused silica as we draw the glass down to its final, step-index, multimode optical fiber form. We then add additional buffer layers to improve chemical and abrasion resistance. This final step increases the finished diameter to a dimension that is easier for field-technicians to handle. Read More

Why FlightLink™?

Optical Fiber in Defense and Commercial Applications
Optical Fiber in Defense
and Commercial Applications

Did you know that fiber optic cable plays a key role in bringing In-Flight-Entertainment to your seat on commercial and corporate aircraft? Today most wide body jets used on overseas flights and some narrow-body and regional jets offer both audio and video. This may be in the form of ceiling-mounted screens or on-demand seat back systems offering movies, games and moving maps that show progress to your destination. Read More…

What are ASOF’s?

Application Specific Optical Fibers
Application Specific Optical Fibers

In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s the Integrated Circuit (IC) industry fragmented as commercial use of these silicon devices grew. Electronics designers rapidly adopted IC’s and volume demands around individual applications grew to such levels that design of IC’s for discrete applications became practical. Thus, the Application Specific Integrated Circuit, or ASIC’s, industry emerged and continues to flourish. Rather than producing standardized integrated circuits that appealed to a broad series of markets, ASIC’s designers ushered in a still-growing era of circuitry that was purpose-built around niche applications. Examples of end products that use these include printers, digital timepieces, automotive controls, PLC’s and today’s tablet computers and smart phones. Read More…

How do you choose?

Medical Applications
Medical Applications

How do you choose a supplier for your Optical Fiber needs for your medical device application? When I’m working with medical device manufacturers on new products, I almost always think "Why have they chosen OFS?" Each time I come up with the same answer. OFS processes and procedures are in-line with FDA Good Manufacturing Practices. Moreover, OFS employs lean manufacturing principals, which ultimately helps our customers get to market faster, by planning and doing more in the beginning; eliminating waste when it’s time to go to market. Read More…