Composite Cable

Composite cable designs that combine critical data communication and power delivery into one package.

  • Custom constructions
  • Outer diameters ranging from a few millimeters to ~1.5 cm
  • Custom configurations
  • Multiple metal and optical fiber channels
  • Numerous electrical and optical connectors
  • High bandwidth
  • Immunity to electromagnetic radiation or radio frequency interference
  • Combining power and data transmission into one package
  • Coatings & buffers for hermeticity, strength, temperature and other environmental tolerances

OFS composite cable addresses the needs of critical medical environments and applications. More and more OEMs are incorporating optical fiber into therapeutic tools, sensing, and imaging equipment. OFS unique hybrid and composite capabilities can build custom cables for power and optical transmission in one bundle. Perfect for surgical tools, sensing equipment and sensors, MRI suites, oncology suites and x-ray rooms.

Custom Constructions

  • Loose Tube
  • Tight Buffer
  • Multi Channel
  • Hybrid
    • Combinations of different fibers (e.g. single mode & multimode)
  • Composite
    • Combinations of glass and metal channels

Variety of Materials

  • Hytrel®
  • Polyethylene
  • TPE
  • ETFE
  • LSZH
  • PEEK
  • Aramid Binders
  • PVC
  • Polyurethane
  • PVDF
  • Teflon®
  • PFA
  • Nylon
  • Siltem

Custom Connector Configurations

Various types of optical and electrical connectors:

  • SMA, ST, SC, FC, DIN, etc.

Additional Capabilities

  • Odd lengths and complex designs
  • Large Core Fibers
  • PM Fibers
  • Tight buffer & Loose tube
  • Special material additives
  • Low smoke, low toxicity
  • Specialty configurations for Riser and Plenum applications
  • High Temperature: ≥ 200°C
  • Low Temperature -100°C
  • Breakout, Distribution, Furcation, Tight buffer, Loose tube, Armoring
  • Custom colors