Corporate History

OFS has one of the longest and most respectable corporate lineages in American business, which goes back to Alexander Graham Bell and invention of the telephone more than a century ago.

Our Corporate History

1869     Western Electric Company, the manufacturing arm of Western Union, is founded.

1876     Alexander Graham Bell put in a patent application for a device that would later become the telephone.

1877     The Bell Telephone Company, AT&T’s first predecessor company, is formed.

1881     American Bell Telephone Company purchases a controlling interest in Western Electric.

1885     AT&T is formed as a subsidiary of American Bell Telephone Company.

1899     AT&T acquires the assets of American Bell and becomes the Bell System’s parent company.

1925     AT&T forms Bell Laboratories.

1937     Dr. Clinton J. Davisson became the first of 11 Nobel Prize winners from Bell Laboratories.

1956     AT&T establishes the first trans-Atlantic telephone service to use submarine cable.

1964     AT&T establishes the first trans-Pacific telephone service to use submarine cable.

1977     AT&T uses the first fiber optic cable in a commercial communications system.

1984     AT&T local telephone operations are divested. Western Electric becomes the Networks Systems Division of AT&T.

1988     AT&T lays the first fiber optic submarine cable across the Atlantic.

1996     Lucent Technologies is created in a spin-off of Bell Labs and AT&T’s manufacturing operations. The Network Cable Systems division, the predecessor to the Optical Fiber Solutions division of Lucent Technologies, continues to manage the fiber, cable and components business.

1996     LYCOM, a joint venture of AT&T and NKT, becomes Lucent Technologies Denmark, the predecessor of OFS Fitel Denmark, which provides transmission and specialty fibers.

1999     Lucent Technologies acquires SpecTran Corp., a provider of transmission and specialty fibers, which becomes part of the Optical Fiber Solutions business.

1999     Lucent Technologies and SviazStroy-1 establish a joint venture company in Russia to make and sell optical fiber cable, which becomes part of the Optical Fiber Solutions business and is named OFS SviazStroy-1 Fiber Optic Cable Company.

2001     The Lucent Technologies' Optical Fiber Solutions business is sold to Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd. (with minority ownership by CommScope). The new company becomes OFS, with headquarters in Norcross (in the outskirts of Atlanta), Georgia, U.S.A.

2004     Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd., becomes the sole owner of OFS.

2010     OFS and Jiangsu Hengtong Optic-Electric Co., Ltd. establish a joint venture company in China, Jiangsu OFS Hengtong Optical Technology Co., Ltd. , to manufacture, market and distribute optical fiber preforms used in the production of optical fiber.