David J. DiGiovanni, Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

David J. DiGiovanni  is CTO of OFS Fitel, LLC, and president of OFS Laboratories, LLC, the central research organization of OFS.

Dr. DiGiovanni began his career in the Optical Fiber Research Department of Bell Laboratories and has weathered the transition from AT&T to Lucent to OFS working to advance the science and application of optical fiber technology in various research and management capacities.  He has worked on various phenomena related to optical fiber design, fabrication and applications, and has made notable contributions to erbium-doped optical fiber for amplifiers, Raman amplification, high power amplifiers and lasers, and several optical components.   He has enabled the transfer of many of these technologies from the research lab to new products.

Dr. DiGiovanni holds several degrees from Brown University, including a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. He is a member of  IEEE and an OSA Fellow.