Dispersion Management

Over long-distance and long-haul applications where chromatic dispersion becomes a factor, OFS provides several dispersion compensation options in either fixed broadband or remotely reconfigurable. Dispersion Slope Compensating Modules (DSCMs) provide an ideal solution for overcoming the effects of dispersion in single-mode fiber, and thereby, enable wideband DWDM operation in the C- or L-Bands at high bit rates.

All OFS DSCMs feature low Insertion Loss (IL), superior Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD) and excellent slope matching. They are plug-and-play products, easily integrated into any optical path. OFS do have the smallest footprint modules and allow you to integrate them onto linecards. DSCMs are passive units and have no electrical power requirements.

The modules—many are customized for each application, but we do also offer standard OFS solutions for improved performance and cost—are based entirely on mature, reliable single-mode optical fiber technology. OFS can deliver DSCMs for compensation of any transmission fiber, like G652.D, Truewave® and Leaf®.

OFS can deliver your module fully customized in term of operating wavelength, total dispersion at any wavelength, and connector and very flexible to the dimensions, just ask us.

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