Fiber Optic Cable

As a market leader, OFS has a long history of designing and manufacturing fiber optic cables for best-in-class performance, ease of use and flexibility. Our innovative cables are the result of exceptional optical fibers protected to help ensure superior performance and durability. The OFS portfolio includes a wide variety of central core and loose tube cables. Tight buffer, armored, miniaturized, multi-fiber, and ruggedized cables are just some of the additional options available.

Totally Gel-Free Cable

By eliminating messy gels and filling compounds, totally gel-free cables streamline the handling and installation process for outside plant (OSP) cables for higher efficiencies. These cables are available in loose tube or ribbon constructions with dielectric or metallic sheath options.

Loose Tube Cable

Innovative loose tube cables increase fiber density and make deployment easy for duct, aerial (lashed and self-supporting), direct buried, and outdoor/indoor¬ installations.

Ribbon Cable

Ribbon cables deliver the highest fiber density in the most compact cable package possible. Streamlining fiber termination can save time and money with easy mass-fusion splicing.

Drop Cable

Compact, durable, and self-supporting drop cables come in completely all-dielectric or toneable constructions. Reliable and cost-¬effective for the last link in the optical network, they are the ideal solution for self-supporting aerial, direct buried, and duct FTTX drop installations.

Central Core Cable

OFS was the first optical cable manufacturer to introduce the central core cable design, offering easy fiber access and maximum fiber density. The central core cables provide excellent optical, mechanical and environmental performance, making them an excellent choice for a wide variety of deployments, including underground conduit and rugged direct burial.

Outdoor/Indoor Cable

Innovative outdoor/indoor cables combine the flame resistance and safety features of an indoor riser cable with the durability critical for OSP use. The result is a unique, dual-purpose cable that can help save time and money by allowing OSP applications to flow seamlessly indoors, using a single cable and no splices.

Microcables and Cabled Fiber Units

OFS microcables and cabled fiber units are specifically designed for enhanced air-blown installation where light weight, flexibility and small size are critical. These cables are appropriate for fiber to the home, business, and multiple dwelling unit deployments.

Optical Ribbon

OFS has led the industry in optical fiber ribbon technology by being the first to introduce fiber ribbons, as well as the first to introduce UV-curable acrylate material ribbons. Today’s AccuRibbon® Optical Ribbons hold up to 24 colored¬ optical fibers in a planar array, providing a high fiber density unit for use in fiber optic cabling or routing inside electronic -equipment.

Premises Cable

OFS premises cables combine peak performance, ease of installation and flexibility with exceptional reliability and safety for a broad range of indoor applications. A full range of high-performance riser, plenum and low smoke zero halogen (LS0H)-rated cables offer the flexibility to handle virtually any application between building entrance and desktop – in most environments from office to factory floor.

Specialty Optical Fiber Cable

These cables combine specialty optical fiber with cabling constructions that make installation or deployment easier and/or protect the fibers for long-term use in unusual or harsh environments. Simplex, zipcord, multiple fiber, armored, and other constructions are available. Various material combinations and layers of ETFE, PVC, Polyurethane, PEEK, and Polyethylene are used to create cables that meet the demands of the customer’s application whether it be on the casino floor, in the windmill, across the factory’s automation network, tethered to robots, or throughout the oil field. The company’s FlightGuide®, FlightLink®, Avioptics® and ulinx® optical fiber cable brands are a well-respected family of high-end products for harsh environments.

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