2014 FTTH Conference and Exposition Product Unveiling

Fitel Fusion Splicers

At the 2014 FTTH (Fiber to the Home) Conference and Exposition at the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center in Tampa, FL, OFS unveiled its telecommunications industry-first, totally gel-free PowerGuide® DT ADSS (All Dielectic Self Supporting) cable in addition to the EZ-Bend® Tonable drop assemblies

As the industry’s first totally gel-free, double jacket ADSS cable, PowerGuide DT Cable helps save time and money on installation to offer an ideal, cost-effective solution for cable spans ranging up to 1,500 feet (460 meters)1, including power distribution networks, FTTH deployments and duct installations.

PowerGuide DT cable offers the same performance and reliability as its gel-filled counterparts. Plus, it’s completely gel-free, even inside of the buffer tubes. By eliminating gels and filling compounds, this cable helps enable substantial savings on installation time and labor costs. In fact, when compared with similar gel-filled ADSS cables, PowerGuide DT cable can help cut cable end preparation time by up to 80%2, helping to significantly reduce labor costs for splicing and terminations.

Also announced last week, the new EZ-Bend® Toneable drop assemblies build on the success of OFS’ EZ- Bend ruggedized 4.8 mm drop cable. The plug and play factory terminated cables feature EZ-Bend fiber with a ruggedized 4.8mm jacket, enabling the cable to be routed from the outside into the home or building and stapled around corners. The new integrated toning wire allows for easy location detection. With over half a million of customers connected by this technology, EZ-Bend cables greatly simplify installations with reliable connections to the home or MDU.

Applications: Aerial (including power transmission and distribution networks), FTTH