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OFS operates OFS Laboratories, a global center of excellence that combines the rich heritage of Bell Labs (winner of eleven Nobel awards) with the experience of Furukawa research. OFS Laboratories is a world-class center of excellence for optical innovations. We are a trendsetter in discovering better ways to bring optical technologies to communications, medicine, aviation, transportation, geophysics, in communities, between cities, across oceans, continents, and through "the last mile" to businesses and residences.

OFS Laboratories creates commercially viable technology breakthroughs that OFS can take to market quickly. In keeping with our Bell Labs heritage, we continue to build on a core competency in the areas of optical fiber design, fabrication and optical device physics. We maintain leadership through continued publications and visibility.

We have three divisions working synergistically as one team focused on defining the course of optical communications:
  • Optical Fiber Research: Focuses on the design, fabrication, and application of optical fibers.
  • Photonics Devices Research: Focuses on invention, design, integration, fabrication and assembly of optical devices and components.
  • Systems Research: Focuses on assessing the transmission capability of OFS' fiber designs and understanding next-generation fiber requirements for both long haul and metro applications.
The three divisions work collaboratively as a total "brain trust," identifying resources and combining assets on projects of mutual interest. OFS Laboratories collaborates not only internally but also with the development groups that support manufacturing at each OFS location, with various universities, technical institutions, and industry organizations, and with Furukawa, the parent company of OFS.

Scientists with OFS Laboratories have been responsible for many innovative fiber optic technology inventions that are now ubiquitous in the industry. Examples include nonzero dispersion fiber, submarine optical fiber and polarization maintaining fiber.

Current Initiatives

OFS Laboratories has a long track record of turning science into practical, real world solutions. In our latest research, we're focusing on these areas:
  • Optical fiber design and fabrication
  • Optical fiber manufacturing techniques
  • Fiber gratings
  • Fiber lasers and amplifiers
  • Raman amplification
  • Nonlinear fiber optics
  • Air-silica microstructure fiber
  • Signal conditioning
  • Optical monitoring
  • Theoretical modeling
  • Optical simulation
Every year OFS Laboratories present numerous papers at the most important industry's technical conferences and seminars, which discuss the most recent advances in fiberoptics. Please check Knowledge Base for the latest updates.
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