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Large Diameter Fiber 

Designed primarily to address production and research splicing needs. This is the most advanced series in FITEL’s extensive line of high performance machines. For large diameter and high strength splicing, FITEL also offers polarization maintaining models for precision fiber splicing with specialty fibers. 

Fusion Splicers
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Discontinued and Changed Product Notices
Discontinued and Changed Product Notices
S184 Fusion Splicer

The FITEL S184 Fusion Splicer features 3SAE Technologies' "Ring of Fire®". This three-phase wide area plasma technology enables splicing of large cladding fibers, as well as flame polishing and core diffusion capability. It is the perfect solution for advanced OEM, R&D, and other specialized applications. It delivers:

  • Extremely stable, controllable, and repeatable heating over a large range of intensity
  • Wide area heat zone to enable advanced splicing techniques
  • Uniformly wide arc coverage to allow for splicing of larger diameter fibers
  • Extremely high thermal power with negligible tungsten deposits compared to competing processes

The FITEL S184 Fusion Splicer is the "Advanced Solution for Next Generation Splicing Technology (for Large Diameter Fibers)".


  • Three electrodes — Three electrodes have been used in the S184PM, instead of two
  • Applicable fiber — Silica optical fibers with clad diameter 80 µm to 1200 µm
  • Smooth rotation mechanism — The new rotation mechanism on the S184PM allows PM fiber to rotate while keeping it straight and stable
  • Flat fiber holder platform — The S184 uses a flat fiber holder platform, so that the larger size fibers do not have to be forced to bend, which can cause fiber breaks and poor angular alignment
  • Automatic adjustment for fiber size/length — The S184PM automatically adjusts for fiber coating diameter, cladding diameter, and cleave length
  • Simple operation — The S184PM has been designed so that the user simply loads the fiber and closes the lid to begin the fusion process
  • Intuitive interface — As with all FITEL fusion splicers, the S184PM features a new GUI (graphical user interface) and transreflective LCD screen technology that makes all operations straightforward and intuitive
  • Large monitor — The high resolution large color 6.5" (165mm) monitor is clearly visible in all conditions
  • Advanced "SmartFuse" functionality — The S184 includes an optional PCbased software platform

Standard Package Includes:

  • S184PM Main body
  • Spare electrode (2.2 mm)
  • Spare electrode (3.0 mm)
  • Spare vertical electrode (2.2 mm)
  • Spare vertical electrode (3.0 mm)
  • AC adaptor
  • Z stage lock
  • 250, 400 & 900 µm fiber holders
  • Fiber holders for LDF
  • Change tool for vertical electrode
  • Electrode sharpener
  • User's manual

Optional Accessories Include:

  • 160 µm Coating fiber holders
  • Fiber transporter
  • Electrode (2.2 mm)
  • Electrode (3.0 mm)
  • Vertical electrode (2.2 mm)
  • Vertical electrode (3.0 mm)
  • SmartFuse software
Product #: S184-01

S184 Fusion Splicer Data Sheet (1.07 MB)

RoHS Compliant
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