For the Substation – Fiber Management

For the Substation – Fiber Management

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The power network is changing. It needs the bandwidth and reliability of fiber. OFS brings unique solutions for fiber in the power network.

OFS’ FOX Solution® for Utility Energy applications features several end-to-end solutions optimized to distribute fiber in traditional Transmission and Distribution networks.

OFS' solutions for the substation include:

  • OPTION1™ DT Outdoor/Indoor Cable
  • Jumpers and pigtails
  • Wall Mount Units
  • Shelves
  • SlimBox™ Modules
  • Mechanical Splice-On Connector (MSOC) and Fusion Splice-On Connector (FSOC)

Outside Plant Equipment Options

  • OSP Cross-Connect Cabinet
    • Used to cross connect fibers in the field away from substations
    • Up to 240 fibers
    • Can splice inside or outside of the cabinet

Inside Plant Equipment Options

  • Wall mounted panels for splicing and patching
    • WMU - Wall mount unit
    • OCEF - Optical Cable Entrance Facility - capacity to 1440 fibers
  • LGX frames supporting:
    • Pre-terminated patch panels
    • Combination patching and splicing units
    • Adapter plates for every application

Connectorization Options

Pre-connectorized options

OFS brings a variety of connectorization options for MDU environments.

  • All distribution systems, HomeRun Indoor and Outdoor MDU Cabling, V-Linx™ components, and riser cables are available in a variety of pre-connectorized lengths


  • Pigtails, jumpers and patch cords are also available in customized lengths and configurations for no additional charge

Field-Installable Connectors

Field-Installable Connectors

Fusion splice-on connectors (FSOC) or Mechanical splice-on connectors (MSOC) can be installed on-site in the field. The main advantage of a fi eld installable connector is to eliminate slack management issues.

  • Fusion Splice-on Connectors use a cleaver and fusion splicer to splice a connector to the fiber. Available in a variety of connector ends with two different connector types.
  • Mechanical Splice-On Connectors only need a cleaver for installation. Available in a variety of common connector ends

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