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FTTx Solution Offering

From the Head End/Central Office to the Home, Business or Multiple Dwelling Unit, our solutions help increase return on investments in Fiber-To-The-Subscriber (FTTx) networks. OFS offers the FTTx Solution Offering, a comprehensive solution that helps service providers achieve maximum performance and reliability for deployments in a broad range of environments, including those previously hard to reach.

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V-Linx™ Spool & Play Solution

V-Linx Spool & Play Solution The MDU environment offers significant challenges to network providers. Ranging from older existing buildings to new constructed facilities, the cabling strategy V-Linx Applicationcan vary greatly. OFS’ V-Linx Spool and Play Solution is designed to address the varying conditions in MDU infrastructure. Uniquely designed for dense, multifloor units, the V-Linx Solution provides components that can be configured flexibly to address the profusion of cabling conditions within both Greenfield and Brownfield environments.

The V-Linx Spool & Play Solution can simplify MDU deployments and help decrease their overall cost by significantly speeding up installation and requiring less labor to install the cabling backbone. A simple set of spool-and-play hardware allows a small service team of one or two people to install the entry distribution cabinet, route a few factory-built riser assemblies, and plug drop boxes to the riser quickly and efficiently into the MDU. The system is designed to minimize multiple long-run riser installations and eliminate splice time. These hubs are designed to enable small crews to deploy entire systems in hours versus traditional large crews taking days.

Key components of the V-Linx Spool & Play Solution:

Fiber Distribution Hub
Fiber Distribution
Hub (FDH)
V-Linx Combiner
V-Linx Terminal
V-Linx Drop Cable


Features & Benefits:

  • Easier installation allows companies to start providing services sooner
  • Better cost-benefit relation due to lower overall installation costs
  • Lower hardware costs than traditional systems
  • Less manpower and resources needed for installation and maintenance
  • Shorter spans can minimize cable pulling issues
  • Preinstalled factory assembly helps reduce labor to prepare drop boxes
  • Integrated multiple mounting methods can simplify installation in unknown conditions.

Cable products associated with this application:

Connectivity products associated with this application:

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