EZ-Bend® Optical Technology Video

OFS' New EZ-Bend Optical Technology can improve bending performance of optical fiber cables by up to 100 times to help avoid service disruptions and lower installation costs. Supporting multiple dwelling unit (MDU) and in-home wiring applications, the ground-breaking EZ-Bend Technology addresses the critical need to speed and simplify installations by allowing optical fiber cables to be bent and routed in ways never before feasible using traditional optical drop cables, to facilitate rapid deployment of fiber to and within the residence.

This demonstration shows a live video stream supported over optical cables using EZ-Bend Technology bent around numerous corners and stapled, with no degradation in picture quality. In contrast, a conventional cable subjected to far less bending shuts down the video and "freezes" the screen. This is because the EZ-Bend Technology enables negligible video signal loss (0.1 dB maximum at 1550 nm) for one turn at 5 mm radius, while conventional fibers under the same assumption lose nearly all the signal and shut down service to customers.

OFS EZ-Bend Technology integrates a new bend-optimized fiber design in a new cable construction. This innovative technology is the first to provide such performance using a solid glass fiber construction, while being fully splice and performance compatible with typical installed fibers.