OFS ORBITAL™ Fiber Distribution Cabinet Video

The ORBITAL Fiber Distribution Cabinet (FDC) is an innovative solution especially designed for Fiber-to-the-X (FTTX) splitter applications. Designed to serve 160, 288 or 576 homes (depending on the version), the ORBITAL FDCs feature OFS' unique splitter module incorporating full spectrum, low loss PLC splitters, while being fitted with low loss, high performance LC and MPO Connectors. OFS' MPO Fannout Jumpers are easily connected from the splitter modules to the subscriber ports, and use OFS' bend-optimized AllWave® FLEX Zero Water Peak (ZWP) Fiber to minimize bending loss. In a dramatically improved fiber distribution design, the ORBITAL FDCs route all subscriber fibers from the splitter modules to a central cabinet, then to subscriber ports arranged in a circular array surrounding the cabinet.