Industries & Applications


With over 1 million of indoor and outdoor installations globally, the InvisiLight® Optical Solution has evolved into a complete plug-and-play system to deploy fiber in buildings to and into living units or offices. Virtually invisible to the eye, it increases aesthetic appeal for building owners and tenants. The portfolio includes industry leading EZ-Bend (G.657.B3) fiber with a 2.5 mm bend radius.

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Ocean Fiber

OFS supplies state-of-the-art subsea fiber including large effective-area, ultra-low-loss TeraWave® SCUBA fiber, to large-scale ocean cable projects. OFS fiber innovations keep us at the forefront of increasing capacity and reducing cost-per-bit in submarine networks.

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OFS Specialty

Deploying optical fiber in a harsh environment? Have an application in medical, aerospace, sensing, industrial networking, high power laser delivery?

Specialty fiber optics may be the answer.

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