AccuRoll™ Dry Core (DC) Rollable Ribbon Fiber Optic Cable

The AccuRoll Dry Core (DC) Rollable Ribbon (RR) Cable features rollable ribbon technology, the newest optical fiber ribbon design from OFS. To form these ribbons, 250 µm fibers are partially bonded to each other at intermittent points. This design not only enables mass fusion ribbon splicing but individual fiber breakout is also easier than with flat ribbons. These ribbons can be rolled and routed similarly to individual fibers to facilitate use in smaller closures and splice trays.


Some of the FEATURES

  • First and only central core rollable ribbon cable design with linear strength elements and a central core tube as a protective layer around the ribbons
  • Robust and familiar central core cable design optimized for strength and cost effectiveness
  • Maximum cable length offerings based on processing parameters and design
  • Metallic cables among the smallest, high-density armored cables available today
  • Optimized for mid-sheath openings and access networks for all outside plant cable markets
  • Initial fiber counts from 144 fibers to 864 fibers; offerings of 12 to 96 fibers in late 2019

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