Join OFS at BICSI Fall Conference and Exhibition Booth 1217

Mandalay Bay Hotel & Convention Center, 3950 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89119

The OFS team is excited to head out to Las Vegas, Nevada for the BICSI Fall Conference and Exhibition and talk fiber with other FTTH-focused professionals. As an exhibitor for BICSI Fall Conference and Exhibition, we will have a booth (1217) set up for visitors to stop by, meet members of the team and see product demos. Our Technical Engineers will be there to answer all questions about OFS, fiber, and everything in between!

OFS BICSI Product Spotlight

New Rollable Ribbon Connectorized Assembly

Rollable ribbon fiber optic cables are one of the most exciting developments in outside plant (OSP) cabling technology in years. These cables can help users achieve significant time and cost savings using mass fusion splicing while also doubling their fiber density in a given duct size compared to traditional flat ribbon cable designs. Each OFS rollable ribbon within a cable features 12 individual optical fibers that are partially bonded to each other at predetermined points. These ribbons can be “rolled” into a flexible and compact bundle that offers the added benefit of improved fiber routing and handling in closure preparation. The Rollable Ribbon Connectorized Assembly offers all the benefits of rollable ribbon cable including small outer diameter, tight bend radius and flexibility with termination counts of 24 – 864 fibers with the option of MPO, LC or SC connectors. The compact diameter of the OFS breakout design enables easy installation and pulling through cable trays. Breakout lengths are staggered for general use or customized for specific frame installation and one hundred percent factory tested.

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Applying our Award-Winning Optical Fiber to the Exterior of Your Building

Let us simplify your fiber deployment and significantly improve the consumer experience while lowering costs and speeding installation.

InvisiLight Facade Cord
M-Pack Indoor/Outdoor Cable
Outdoor Compact POE Module UV Rated for Breezeway Applications
SlimBox® 2- or 4-Fiber Indoor/Outdoor Enclosure Outside to the Living Unit

These solutions and customized variants for different regions leverage the same proven technology accelerating the adoption of fiber optic services in residential or business premises for an improved consumer experience while lowering costs and speeding installation. Other benefits include higher subscriber acceptance and take rates, higher profitability, faster time-to-revenue and simplified logistics for service providers.


The FITEL® EZ-Terminator is your Superior Handheld Termination Tool

For All of Your FTTH Connector Installations

This industry-first tool is dedicated for SOC solutions and is a must have for any termination project. FITEL EZ-Terminator’s powerful motors and simple operation can guarantee high quality, repeatable results. The EZ-Terminator and SOC’s combine to provide optical loss performance and yield superior to mechanical connectors. It’s easy to see how this saves both time and money. With its large battery capacity, it can achieve 100 termination/heating cycles on a single charge giving you portability without sacrificing performance.


LaserWave® OM5, OM3 and OM4 Multimode Fibers for Today’s and Tomorrow’s High-speed Networks

LaserWave Wideband OM5 Optical Fiber

Enabling lower cost multimode links up to 400G to 500 meters OM5 WideBand fiber extends the ability of conventional OM3/4 multimode fiber to support multiple wavelengths using SWDM over longer link distances. Unlike traditional multimode fiber, OFS LaserWave WideBand Fiber is designed to support traffic over a range of wavelengths from 846 nm to 953 nm. This capability allows multiple lanes of traffic over the same strand of fiber, helping to significantly improve the bandwidth capacity of multimode fiber while also maintaining its cost advantages for short-reach applications.

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Find OFS at BICSI Fall Conference and Exhibition Booth 1217

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