Fiber Optic Solutions for the Home (FTTH)


Fiber to the Home (FTTH) is becoming increasingly more common as bandwidth usage is exploding. This tremendous growth is driven in part by the rapid increase in Internet-connected devices and the use of data-heavy applications such as video on demand. Service providers are working to meet this need for greater bandwidth by expanding the deployment […]

Choosing Between Single Mode vs Multimode Fibers

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Single Mode vs Multimode Fibers Learn the differences and when to use single mode or multimode fibers. Cloud computing and web services continue to drive increased bandwidth demand, pushing data communications rates from 1 and 10G to 40 and 100G and beyond in enterprise and data center networks. These higher speeds might lead system designers […]

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Single-Mode Optical Fiber Selection Guide

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Download the OFS single-mode optical fiber selection guide for terrestrial applications. Optical fiber applications include transcontinental, regional, metropolitan, home/business access and in-building fiber optic systems. The guide describes several families of OFS optical fibers and provides recommendations for single-mode fibers used in Outside Plant (OSP) as well as Indoor (Premises, Enterprise) applications and their benefits. […]

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When Optical Fiber Arrives

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Using optical fiber networks, people can access and share information at an amazing level. They can communicate, work and learn from virtually anywhere there’s an Internet connection. For people in rural communities that lack wireless or broadband services, their ability to obtain information is clearly unequal. Even getting a signal for a cellphone or laptop […]

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Need Premises Fiber Optic Cable? Go Small and Dense!

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When you need a fiber-dense yet compact cabling solution for high-bandwidth, high-density applications, look to the R-Pack™ Rollable Ribbon (RR) Backbone Fiber Optic Cable. As the newest member of our award-winning Premises Rollable Ribbon cable portfolio, this cable marks a key step forward in premises building cable innovation.   Doubling the Density Combining plenum-rated materials […]

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The Incredible Shrinking, Double-Density Fiber Optic Cable

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As everyone uses more bandwidth than ever before, today’s networks require more optical fiber in less space. To help address this need, OFS introduced Fortex™ 2DT Fiber Optic Cable, the newest addition to the completely gel-free Fortex DT Cable product line.   Fiber Optic Cable: Getting Smaller and More Dense Fortex 2DT Cable is the […]

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Choosing the “Right” Optical Fiber – Single-Mode or Multimode?

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A huge increase in digital devices, cloud computing and web services have helped fuel the tremendous demand for increased bandwidth while also pushing datacom rates to 100G and beyond. With these faster speeds and greater use, system designers might assume that single-mode optical fiber holds a growing advantage over multimode optical fiber for premises applications. […]

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Fiber Optic Internal Body Imaging Goes 3D

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Researchers at the ARC Centre for Excellence in Nanoscale BioPhotonics (CNBP) discovered an exciting new method that could make it possible to use 3D microscopy to view hard-to-reach areas of the human body. This method uses fiber optic bundles to miniaturize a type of 3D imaging called “light field imaging.”  Taken to extreme new levels, […]

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Temperature sensing is important to many land and oceanic oil operations.

Optical Fiber: When the Heat and Pressure Are On

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Many land and oceanic oil operations use temperature sensing to help improve safety and functionality in harsh environments. Optical fibers used in these conditions are routinely exposed to high temperatures and pressures, along with ionizing radiation and aggressive chemicals in the surroundings. Given these extremes, companies are increasingly using silica-based optical fibers for both acoustic […]

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