Specialty Optical Fiber Coatings: Weathering the “Storm”

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Different applications and optical fiber types present varying requirements for fiber coatings. When specialty optical fibers are used in demanding conditions, the fibers require coatings that are sustainable when subjected to harsh circumstances. In fact, the successful deployment of fiber in these environments can often depend far more on the fiber’s protective external coating rather […]

U. S. Data Centers Getting “Greener”

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A decade ago, America’s data centers were widely viewed as the source of a huge new environmental problem. As internet use grew by leaps and bounds, data centers were creating air pollution and greenhouse gases while guzzling electricity at a ferocious rate. But a new study from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory shows that, from the […]

How Much Fiber Will Be Enough?

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As more devices are connected and new applications developed, the amount of information carried on the Internet continues to grow. In fact, the Cisco Visual Networking Index shows global IP traffic increasing at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of approximately 25 percent per year. With optical fiber as the only transmission medium capable of […]

Infrastructure Matters

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Fiber optic cabling infrastructure delivers the capacity and reach needed by today’s most-demanding enterprise and data center networks. However, simply choosing optical fiber as a transmission medium does not alone guarantee exceptional performance. As with any infrastructure, a fiber optic cable network must be properly specified, deployed, tested and maintained to meet user needs. In […]

Hold the Presses!

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A former Chicago Sun-Times printing plant is being transformed into a state-of-the-art mega data center. The new center will serve the growing demand by downtown Chicago businesses and clients who need cloud solutions, co-location and other in-demand data center services. QTS, an international provider of data center, managed hosting and cloud services, bought the shuttered […]

Fiber to the People

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New study results released by the Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Council found that fast and reliable fiber broadband increases both rental and property values in multiple dwelling units (MDUs). According to this survey, the availability of broadband service increases rental values by 8 percent and property values in MDUs by 2.8 percent. The study […]

Fiber Here, Fiber There, Fiber Everywhere

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Service providers face unique challenges deploying fiber inside the home to reach Indoor Optical Network Terminals (ONTs).  These customers need products that offer fast and easy fiber installation that blends into the existing décor. To help meet this need, OFS is launching three new, compact Fiber in the Home products:  the InvisiLight® Drop Solution, the […]

Optical Fibers Bring New Medical Applications to Light

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The physical characteristics of high-quality, silica optical fiber make it a natural choice for a broad range of uses, including many in the medical industry.  For example, fiber can provide a very compact, flexible conduit for light or data delivery in equipment, surgical and instrumentation applications. However, users must carefully choose the right optical fiber […]

Changing the Rules of Light

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Physicists have discovered a totally new light form that could change our fundamental understanding of the nature of light and also lead to faster and more secure fiber optic communication. Researchers often measure a light beam through its angular momentum (a constant quantity that measures how much that light is rotating or spinning). Until now, […]

The Search Is On!

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Have an exceptional new product or project?  If so, Cabling Installation & Maintenance is looking for you! The 2016 Cabling & Installation Maintenance Innovators Awards celebrate the most outstanding and innovative cabling and communications technology products, applications and projects at the BICSI Fall Conference in San Antonio, Texas. With the deadline for submission on May […]