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OFS continues to be instrumental in shaping the future of optical communications and fiber optic technology. Working at OFS means having the opportunity to realize ideas, experience innovation and discover new solutions for the future.

Not only are we a leader in the telecommunications area, we also play an important role in medicine where our optical fiber technology is used to deliver laser energy to patients in the surgical suite; in the industrial area where we design optical fiber solutions for some of the harshest environments on earth; in avionic applications where our optical fiber cables provide communication links in both defense and commercial aircraft; in fiber to the home applications where we bring the digital age closer to the consumer.

An exciting place to work, to build a career, to be a part of optical fiber innovation, OFS strives to attract, retain and motivate our greatest asset, our employees. Together, we champion and facilitate OFS’ mission, values and long-term strategic objectives.

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Our scientists and engineers create the products and solutions that become industry standards. We publish their results and most important publications on our website.Knowledge Base Ebook


They discuss a wide variety of topics ranging from our suggested solutions to technical problems to breakthroughs in numerous products.


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