Reliable temperature measurement of high-voltage transmission lines is critical to help meet the rising demand for electricity.  Advanced optical fibers from OFS integrated in Distributed Temperature Sensing on power lines help ensure optimal safety and performance in both medium- and long-distance systems.

For Raman interrogation applications in spans of 15 kms, we offer graded-index multimode fibers for DTS measurements. These fibers are optimized for compatibility with traditional Raman-based DTS interrogators.  The cable constructions can be used in applications with temperatures up to 125 ˚C.

For interrogation spans up to 60 kms, our single-mode solution is recommended.  This fiber optic solution is compatible with Brillouin detection systems.  A single Brillouin peak profile is offered in a variety of products.  Here too, the cable constructions can be used in applications with temperatures up to 125 ˚C.

Distributed Temperature Sensing Products:

Part Number Fiber Type Coating System Interrogation Method Max. Temp.
F18961-02 graded-index 50/125 Silicone/Acrylate Raman 125 ˚C
BF04433 PYROCOAT® 300 ˚C
F22832 single-mode Silicone/Acrylate Brillouin 125 ˚C
F24887 Silicone/PFA 200 ˚C
BF04446 PYROCOAT® 300 ˚C
F79696 PYROCOAT® K 300 ˚C
F80398 Silicone/PEEK 200 ˚C
F81255 AllWave® FLEX Zero Water Peak 300 ˚C

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