Why OFS?

We support Electric Membership Cooperatives (EMC) to bring high-speed internet to rural areas and communities. Our fiber services for electric cooperatives are positioned to build and deliver next-generation abilities to your customers.

As an original inventor of fiber technology, OFS has a deep understanding of fiber networks and have been involved with utility-based fiber networks for decades. As a partner and participant in large scale FTTH deployments, we know how to efficiently engineer, furnish, and install networks on both small and large scale.



Fiber and Services for Electric Cooperatives

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What We Do

OFS Professional Services will design, furnish, and install all material and labor required to install fiber from central office/substation locations to the Optical Network central office/substation locations to the Optical Network Terminal (ONT). For more information please download our Fiber Services for Electric Cooperatives Solutions Guide.

  • Network Design
    • Efficient Designs – A key differentiator for OFS
    • Choose the best architecture for the network
    • Network and splicing information importable into popular network management programs
    • Accurate price estimates
    • Simplified unit rate structures
  • Project Management
    • Complete ownership of projects
    • Effective project management
    • Roadblock mitigation
    • Materials procurement and storage
    • Easily understood schedules and progress reports with adjustable levels of detail
    • Timely and accurate billing
  • Installation
    • Knowledgeable and experienced FTTH installation technicians
    • Products installed using OFS best practices
    • Professional appearance and team performance

What We Provide

We understand the special challenges in building rural fiber networks and have fiber optic cables and associated products specifically designed for these applications. For more information please view our Electric Cooperative Solutions Guide.

Planning Resources

Our History

Emmy® award-winning OFS is an original inventor of fiber. From the legacy of Bell Labs fiber development, we’re responsible for inventions as important to the fiber optic industry as the LC connector, gel-free cables, and Zero Water Peak (ZWP) fiber. We have decades of experience with utility fiber optic applications, including a 30+ year deployment history with ADSS cables. We manufacture fiber in Norcross (Atlanta) Georgia, and cable in Carrollton, Georgia. You can trust your network to OFS.

Knowledge Base

Our scientists and engineers create the products and solutions that become industry standards. We publish their results and most important publications on our website.Knowledge Base Ebook


They discuss a wide variety of topics ranging from our suggested solutions to technical problems to breakthroughs in numerous products.


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