InvisiLight Solution for Indoor Living Units (ILU) & Multiple Dwelling Units (MDU)

We’re proud to present a new InvisiLight ILU product, which continues providing the same benefits that InvisiLight is known for: a simple, fast, non-disruptive and almost invisible installation with a unique slack management feature when exact installation path lengths are not known. Welcome the InvisiLight EZ-Connect Module.


The InvisiLight solution portfolio from OFS is well known globally with a widely installed customer base. The single and two-fiber InvisiLight ILU Solution is designed for the residential unit and the 4, 8, 12 and 16-fiber count InvisiLight MDU Solution is deployed inside building hallways and risers. In addition, indoor/outdoor rated InvisiLight Façade Solutions, with 12 and 24-fiber counts respectively, can be installed on building facades when an indoor solution is not possible. This portfolio is well integrated with OFS’ equally diverse SlimBox™ portfolio for indoor and outdoor installations.


InvisiLight EZ-Connect Module

InvisiLight EZ-Connect Module

Key Features

  • Handles 900 µm InvisiLight Optical Fiber and the slack management for Tight Buffer Optical Fiber and the ONT jumper
  • Wall mounted compact module
  • Allows up to 40 meters to be dispensed on the bottom layer and up to 2.5 meters of 2 mm cord on the top spool layer
    (up to 1.5 meters considering a 3 mm cord)
  • Spool locking system to facilitate the jumper spooling out
  • RoHS-compliant; free from heavy metals and environmentally friendly

Product Description

The InvisiLight EZ-Connect Module is provided with an integrated jumper to connect to the ONT. This jumper is available in two versions: 2 mm or 3 mm Outside Diameter with 2.5 and 1.5 meter lengths respectively. The InvisiLight tight buffer optical fiber exits on one of the four module corners. The module has an internal parking space for the inside SC connector end. The internal spool allows slack management of the tight buffer and jumper and may be locked in order to spool out by hand the desired length of jumper. The bottom layer of the spool supports up to 40 meters of InvisiLight tight buffer optical fiber.


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