Fiber Connect

The OFS team is excited to attend Fiber Connect and talk fiber with other FTTH-focused professionals. As an exhibitor for Fiber Connect, we will have a booth set up for visitors to stop by and meet members of the team. Our Technical Engineers will be there to answer all questions about OFS, fiber, and everything in between.


We have several new products we’re announcing exclusively at Fiber Connect.

Sherpa™ Cable Management Solution

New Solution to an Old Problem

  • Attach multiple drop cables to ADSS cable
  • Compact and clean along the pole line vs. separate drops
  • Solves ADSS sag on long spans – ADSS attached to Neutral
  • Sherpa™ Cable Management Solution

MDU!Click® – Fiber in the MXU/MDU Solution

Grow on Demand 

  • up to 75% lower cost to reach first subscriber​​

Compact and Virtually Invisible

EZ!Connector – Field installed SC-APC Connector on 900 micron or 3 mm

Easy 3 minute field termination with tooling included

  • Over 4M connections deployed
  • Alternative if not equipped for fusion splicing
  • EZ!Connector

SlimBox® Facade Inline Closure – InvisiLight® POE for exterior walls

Improved appearance with In-line cable entry/exit.

PowerGuide® AccuTube+® RR ADS

Double Jacket Self Supporting (ADSS) Aerial Loose Tube Cable with Rollable Ribbon

  • Outstanding carrying capacity for ultra high-density applications
  • Rugged loose tube design features OFS rollable ribbon technology in individual polypropylene buffer tubes
  • Completely gel-free design
  • PowerGuide® AccuTube+® RR ADS

Press Releases

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OFS Introduces MDU!Click® Solution to North American Market. Read Press Release >>

Presentations and Panel Discussions

Let’s Connect at Fiber Connect


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