Offering excellent beam quality, fiber lasers are the go-to choice for a wide range of precision cutting and welding applications, as well as various laser marking and micro-materials processing applications. In welding projects, the beam quality allows for easy creation of narrow kerfs and slim seams, even when dealing with wide working distances. And when working with thin materials, high irradiance levels on a workpiece can convert directly and easily into a high process speed.

But the overall success of a fiber laser depends on the quality of its building blocks, making it critical to ensure that all components are durable, high-performing, and well-suited to the specific application.

OFS Fiber Laser Components

As an industry-leading fiber optic manufacturer, OFS is proud to offer top-quality fiber laser components for a range of applications: cutting, microprocessing, welding, and marking. OFS offers the following fiber laser building blocks:

Fiber Laser Cavities

Providing a complete platform with matching internal components, OFS TrueMode™ Fiber Laser Cavities enable the delivery of up to 1kW of true single-mode output. Customers can also select pump diodes (either commercially available or using their in-house design) to meet specific application requirements. Featuring a true single-mode design and superior splice loss capability, these cavities ensure consistently high optical-to-optical efficiency and optimal beam quality. Our TrueMode-SP cavities can deliver up to 550W of output power and are specifically designed for 550W applications; the TrueMode-kW, on the other hand, allows for up to 1100W of output power. The TrueMode-SP features eight pump ports, allowing for use with diodes delivering more than 100W of pump power, while the TrueMode-kW has 36 pump ports, allowing for use with diodes delivering more than 50W of pump power.

Fiber Laser Beam Combiners

Allowing for reliable beam combining, our fiber laser beam combiners are well-suited for reaching higher powers at multi-kW power levels. The modular design allows for ease of building, spare provisioning, and future upgrades, and scaling can be easily achieved through only a few splices. Our TrueM2™ Fiber Laser Beam Combiners provide two options for reaching multi-kW power levels: building with TrueMode Fiber Laser Cavities or combining existing fiber laser systems with matching output. All OFS cavity building blocks can be easily equipped with single-mode output fiber, allowing for direct coupling to a combiner; this ensures a low-loss connection, thereby reducing instabilities and feedback effects. Two different combiner models are available, one with four inputs and one with six.

Fiber Laser

Used for high-power fiber laser applications, our family of TrueLase™ double clad optical fibers are available for pulsed and continuous wave operation.   TrueLase Ytterbium Doped Cladding Pumped Optical Fiber are mode field matched for splice optimization and laser cavity efficiency. TrueLase optical fibers offer high clad absorption, and tight core concentricity control and uniform fiber properties across the draw.

To meet the demand for higher power, improved efficiency and cost effective multi-kilowatt systems OFS has designed the TrueLase Yb16-250: the next generation in active optical fiber to go beyond the 1 kW cavity. Check out our FAQ Guide to Laser Optimized Fiber.

VLMA Er Amplifier

Featuring an all-fiber design, this amplifier allows for up to 100W output power, with 1 ns pulses amplified to 100 µJ. Well-suited for femtosecond chirped pulse amplification, free space communications, LIDAR, and micro-machining applications, the VLMA Er has diffraction limited output and a 50-µm core diameter. Both PM and non-PM amplifier versions are available.

Cascaded Raman Laser Module

Well-suited for high-brightness fiber laser pumping and frequency conversion applications, this high-power laser module allows for wavelength flexibility from 1 to 1.6 µm and high output power of up to 100W at 1480nm with single-mode fiber output. An output monitor photodiode is included.

915mm Laser Diode Module

The FITEL® 915mm is designed for use with the OFS TrueMode-kW Cavity and Cascaded Raman Fiber Laser products.

Fusion Splicers

Producing highly accurate splices with minimal loss, FITEL® Fusion Splicers — such as the NINJA NJ001 and the S179 — can help you achieve reliability and versatility in your fiber laser systems.

Available in core alignment, ribbon, active clad, and clad alignment types, FITEL® splicers feature removable V-grooves, Wi-Fi capabilities, and convenient touch screens to allow for optimal ease of use. Other key features include LEDs, rugged design, and removable heater brackets.

We offer local support for all splicer models and has loaner units on hand to meet time-sensitive application needs.

Fiber Laser Components from OFS

As an industry-leading fiber laser components manufacturer, OFS can help you create sophisticated high-power laser solutions for even the most complex or unusual applications.

For more information on our fiber laser components and fusion splicer products — including femtosecond lasers, Raman lasers, amplifiers, and cavities — and to discuss how they can help with your next project, reach out to our team today.

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