Fiber laser technology requires durable, high-performance components and modules.   As the market pushed for higher and higher powers, the performance requirements and reliability of each component, within the laser must also keep pace with the higher power evolution.

OFS has been researching, developing, and manufacturing fiber laser components and modules for more than fifteen years.  OFS offers TrueLase® active and passive optical fibers, Combiners, Raman Fiber Laser Modules, and VLMA Amplifier Modules to build your next fiber laser system.

TrueLase Optical Fiber for fiber laser applications features high clad absorption, precision-matched mode field designs, and optimal manufacturing control for easy integration.

To meet the demand for higher power, improved efficiency and cost effective multikilowatt systems OFS has designed the TrueLase 20/400 3kW active optical fiber.  The next generation in active optical fiber to go beyond 3 kW’s.

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