Meet Your New 200-Micron (µm), Gel-Free
Outside Plant Fiber Optic Cable

What makes the Fortex 2DT Cable so special?

• Industry’s first, completely gel-free loose tube cable to feature 200 micron (µm) optical fiber in a fully-rated Telcordia GR-20 cable design
• Totally free of gels and filling compounds (including in the buffer tubes)
• Award-winning AllWave®+, AllWave FLEX or AllWave FLEX+ 200 µm optical fibers
• Reduced diameter (approx. 15%) and weight (more than 20%) cable helps to lower installation costs
• Dielectric and metallic cable designs available
• Complies with ANSI-ICEA S-87-640 and Telcordia GR-20 Core Issue 4 and RUS/RDUP requirements
• Fiber counts to 288

Your Choice of Three Designs

Reduced Diameter, Lightweight Loose Tube Cable Increases Fiber Density, Cost-Effectiveness and Performance

Today’s networks require more fibers in less space. To address this trend, OFS developed the Fortex 2DT Loose Tube Cable. By incorporating 200-micron optical fiber, this cable literally doubles the fiber count in the cable buffer tubes, significantly increasing fiber density.
The reduced outer diameter of the Fortex 2DT Cable improves utilization of duct and subducts. In addition, cables with smaller outer diameters allow longer continuous cable reel lengths, which may result in fewer splices needed. Over long distances, the potential cost savings created by reduced splicing can be substantial.
The lighter weight of the Fortex 2DT Cable can also help to lower cable pulling tensions. This reduction can result in (1) increased cable pulling lengths; (2) lower installation costs by allowing longer distances between pulling handholes; and (3) faster installation speeds.
In the case of aerial deployments, a lighter weight cable can also decrease loads on poles. The Fortex 2DT Cable is an excellent choice for duct, lashed aerial and general outside plant (OSP) installations where a gel-free, loose tube cable that is smaller, lighter in weight and higher in fiber density is needed.

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