Optimized Fiber-To-The-x (FTTx), in which x can refer to various subscriber locations (such as homes, apartments, businesses, and cell sites), is more important than ever as demand for high-speed broadband internet access and wireless service steadily rises. As Smart Cities and Smart Power grids are deployed , OFS FTTX Solutions help connect the Internet of Things (IoT) required to enable these advanced systems cost effectively within new and existing right of ways. At OFS, we provide FTTx solutions that enable reliable triple play (video, voice, and data), as well as quad play (which includes mobility services).

Our FTTx MDU/SFU Solutions describe product lines that make up pre-configured solutions including optical fiber cabling and connectivity to serve different installation environments. Products including AllWave®+ ZWP fiber and EZ-Bend® Optical Technology inside a variety of OFS outdoor and indoor cabling solutions, such as InvisiLight ® Solutions, reliably support high-quality, cost effective communication services.

Our Fiber Distribution Cabinets and broad line of Slimbox enclosures efficiently package optical splitters and ports to help speed and simplify customer and small cell connections. OFS PowerGuide® aerial dielectric self-support (ADSS) cables, AccuRibbon® Cables, and MiDia® micro-cables feature labor saving technologies that can help lower installed costs. In addition, our Professional Services Professional Services team can design and build turn-key FTTx passive cabling systems in buildings and to homes, on-time, and under budget, to help communications service providers improve returns on their network investments.

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From the Head End/Central Office to the Home, Business or Multiple Dwelling Unit, our solutions help increase return on investments in Fiber-To-The-Subscriber (FTTx) networks. OFS offers the FTTx Solution Offering, a comprehensive solution that helps service providers achieve maximum performance and reliability for deployments in a broad range of environments, including those previously hard to reach.

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The OFS FTTx Solution for Cell Sites is a passive end-to-end FTTH solution optimized to bring fiber to cell sites faster and more efficiently than conventional offerings. The OFS FTTx Solution CS includes innovative, state-of-the-art components that can provide fast and easy installation with outstanding optical performance and reliability.

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The OFS FTTx Solution for CO/HE offers superior performance solutions which include featured technologies AllWave® FLEX ZWP Jumpers (bend optimized) and Optical Access Modules for Optical Line Terminal electronics. All products are designed for ease of installment and compatible with standard rack systems.

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OFS offers a series of "all dry" cables for FTTx deployments in the distribution network. These cables are configured with AllWave® FLEX ZWP or AllWave® ZWP Fiber to minimize loss performance over all wavelengths.

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The OFS FTTx Solution Drop Network product portfolio offers several products which are compact and size optimized for easy installation and clean fiber management. AllWave® FLEX ZWP Fiber is incorporated into our drop cables where ultimate bend performance is a prerequisite for drop installations.

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Offered by OFS is a series of "all dry" cables for FTTx deployment in the feeder networks. These cables are configured with AllWave® FLEX ZWP or AllWave® ZWP Fiber to minimize loss performance over all wavelengths.

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The OFS FTTx Solution Fiber Distribution Point product portfolio offers revolutionary technology in fiber distribution cabinets, fiber management, and optical splitter technology. The FDP products offer the lowest loss solutions and utilize bend optimized fiber.

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The OFS FTTx Solution provides optimized, easily deployed solutions for MDU environments. These solutions contain compact enclosures, cable assemblies and other connectivity components.

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