Fiber Laser Building Blocks manufactured by OFS for the material processing industry are scalable from 500W to multi-KW applications. These proprietary, all-fiber solutions allow manufacturers to build their own custom fiber laser systems.

The OFS product line includes the TrueMode™ Fiber Laser Cavity and the TrueM2™ Beam Combiner. The TrueMode Fiber Laser Cavities package Ytterbium resonators with matching power combiner configurations and can produce up to 1 kW of true single-mode output when using your diode of choice; diodes are commercially available or can be built to a customer’s in-house design. Our single-mode design ensures optical-to-optical efficiency and high beam quality.

Our cavities fall into two performance categories: TrueMode-SP and TrueMode-kW. The TrueMode-SP reaches up to 550W of output power for use in 500W applications. It has eight pump ports and is designed for use with diodes that deliver more than 100W of pump power. The TrueMode-kW has 36 pump ports and is suited for use with diodes with more than 50W of pump power. Although designed for kW use, multi-kW levels may be reached when the TrueMode-kW cavity is used with our TrueM2 Beam Combiners.

OFS TrueM2™ Beam Combiners are ideal for modular building and spare provisioning needs. These combiners offer the option of building with our matching TrueMode™ Fiber Laser Cavity, or combining existing fiber lasers with matching output.

The OFS family of TrueLase™ Active and Passive LMA Double Clad Optical Fibers is an ideal tool for integrated high power fiber lasers and amplifiers. Our fibers combine high clad absorption, precision matched mode field diameter designs, and unprecedented manufacturing control ensuring easy integration across the entire laser architecture. All TrueLase optical fibers utilize the latest TrueClad low index polymer coating specially engineered to ensure superior reliability & performance in the most demanding of environments. Three versions of TrueLase optical fibers are available: 16/250 Active and Passive LMA Optical Fiber, 10/130 Active and Passive LMA Double Clad Optical Fibers and 12/250 Active and Passive LMA Double Clad Optical Fibers.

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