Sensing, with the use of optical fibers, can help revolutionize new and existing minimally invasive surgeries and surgical tools. Catheters, endoscopes, forceps and even cutting tools can and will be enhanced with sensing systems improving therapies and ultimately the standard of care.

OFS is a world leader in the design and production of medical-grade optical fibers cables and assemblies. We have been supporting the medical industry for over 25 years and have extensive experience developing fibers and assemblies for numerous sensing applications such as pressure, temperature, blood gas, pulse oximetry, applications using spectrometry, and fiber optic shape sensing to name a few.

The medical industry requires controlled, sterile environments to manufacture the highest quality optical fibers.  The OFS facilities for medical manufacturing with our medical and quality certifications ensure optimal performance from our fibers and assemblies.  OFS’s robust quality management system gives original equipment manufacturers and end users peace of mind.


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