It’s not easy to confine light to an air core fiber using traditional guidance  guidance methods e methods such as total internal reflection.

In a new Tech Talk presentation, Brian Mangan of OFS Labs discusses the characteristics of hollow-core single-mode fibers. He also demonstrates the attenuation dependence of these fibers and how, using fibers that guide light in air, users can extend the wavelength range of silica fibers out to the infra-red.

To hear this talk, please CLICK HERE.



  1. Stephen Elkins

    Can you provide a link to the Tech Talk on Hollow Fiber? The link on the site sates this presentation is not available.

    • Michael

      Hello Stephen,
      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.
      Unfortunately the link to the Tech Talk on Hollow Fiber has expired.
      The magazine we work with to produce these Tech Talks only keeps the links alive for 12 months.
      The Hollow Fiber Talk was posted a couple of years ago.

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