We are here to help you achieve your network goals. Whether that is through network design, detailed engineering, construction or management of your project, OFS Professional Services has the experience to help make your network upgrade a success. OFS’s Professional Services principals were responsible for the design, construction, and project management of substantial portions of Verizon’s fiber-to-the-home program. Collectively the team has overseen the Engineering and Construction of over 1M single family homes, and over 150,000 apartment and business units.

Network Design

In addition to satisfying all customer needs, a well-designed network should help maximize profits by placing value where you need it, eliminate unnecessary expenses and minimize operational costs, while providing a high quality service. Proper network design provides you with a plan based on your particular environmental conditions (budgets, geography, aerial or underground) and customer dynamics (single or multi-family units, businesses, building density, and take rates). As a part of our design, you will receive a planning drawing with cable routes, construction methodology, splitter locations, and a bill of materials required to serve your customers. This plan will provide enough detail to determine if you should invest in detail engineering and plan for construction.

Detailed Engineering

Once a design has been selected, OFS can help you with your detailed engineering needs from CAD drawings, required permits, and detailed cost estimates for labor and materials. Our OSP engineers have worked with the designs proposed by OFS and are experienced in taking our planning tools and converting them into final engineered drawing for Construction to execute.


OFS has partnered with experienced FTTP construction firms to provide support for your project. Whether aerial, underground or buried plant is called for, OFS can handle the job with experienced construction teams that can perform the job efficiently and safely. Whether it is a new opportunity, an FTTX brownfield upgrade or retrofitting MDUs, OFS has the products and the operational experience to help you succeed.

Project Management

One of the primary reasons to turn to OFS for turn-key services is our Project Management experience and expertise delivering FTTX projects. Between design, engineering, construction and drafting are handoffs that must be coordinated and facilitated. With a turn-key project, OFS will take the burden for coordination of the project off your hands and execute the various phases within budget and on-time. Our team has had experience managing large FTTX projects across multiple states to meet and exceed design, engineering and construction goals.

OFS Professional Services will track and report the following:

  • Easily digestible charts detailing project progress
  • Underlying details supporting information provided in charts
  • Specific cable segments/splices completed
  • Identification of roadblocks
  • Strategies to mitigate impacts of roadblocks
  • Identification of issues having negative or positive budgetary impacts
  • Identification of issues having negative or positive impacts on the project schedule

General Consulting
OFS has worked with projects worldwide and has experienced many issues that you may face as you execute on your FTTX plans. There are many issues you will face that could impact your eventual take rate, including issues during construction, phasing of projects to support sales, and competitive response of incumbent providers. Over the course of our work, we have developed proven strategies to coordinate your project, minimize network costs, and maximize your return on investment.

Our Offer
To give you an idea of our capability, provide us with an area of fewer than 500 homes that we can locate on a map, your expected take rate, and your contact information; and our team will provide a sample design for that area. It can be an overlay of an existing network or a new housing development. If interested, please fill out the Professional Services Request Form and we will get back to you with our recommendation. For more information, please see our Professional Services Brochure.

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