As metropolitan areas grow in complexity, the demand for intelligent systems increases. To facilitate public administration and improve quality of life, new and smarter solutions are necessary. In the Smart / Safe Cities concept, optical fiber networks expand existing operations (FTTH) and are used to interconnect services: schools, hospitals, traffic light systems, public security systems (civil defense, firefighters, police), etc. This interconnection is possible with passive optical network solutions which allow access of up to 10 Gb/s.  The OFS product portfolio offers products to enable an optical network infrastructure of a Smart / Safe City based on PON (Passive Optical Network) technology.


  • Urban mobility management
  • Intelligent traffic control
  • Intelligent parking lots
  • Efficient public lighting
  • Crisis management and disaster prevention, sensing
  • Public health, education, transport and security services

Smart Metering:

  • Measurements for energy management and distribution
  • Intelligent measurement of the energy consumption
  • Distribution automation
  • Micro-generation
  • Distributed management of renewable energy (wind, solar)

The Product Portfolio


Simplex Optical Patchcord

Fiber Distribution Hub


All-Dielectric Self-Supported Optical Cables


SlimBox™ Drop Terminal

EZ!Fuse Splice On Connector


Pigtails, Patchcords, Jumpers

SlimBox™ 4- Fiber Optical Rosette

Simplex Optical Patchcord

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