OFS released a white paper on the new FITEL® NINJA™ NJ001 handheld fusion splicer at the FTTH Connect Conference in Anaheim this week. Specifically designed for Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) applications. the NINJA features the industry’s first detachable V-groove that allows technicians to easily remove and clean that part.

With fusion splice-on connectors gaining acceptance as a way to field terminate cables, the NINJA is compatible with fusion splice-on field installable connectors from a wide variety of manufacturers. In addition, while the NINJA design is compact and low profile, its large battery capacity allows 100 splicing and heating cycles in one charge. Finaly, FTTH drop cables are often stiff. Less powerful splicer motors can require the technician to perform more cable preparation to offset the motor weakness. The NINJA offers powerful fiber propulsion motors to complete splices with even very rigid drop cables.

According to Mark Boxer, Applications Engineering Manager and author of the white paper, dirty V-grooves are a source of error and also the number one reason splicers are submitted for repair. In fact, OFS data indicates that approximately 60-70% of splicer repair occurrences are due primarily to dirty V-grooves.

For more information and to access this new white paper, please go HERE.

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