Fiber Laser Building Blocks

OFS’ family of building-block products are designed for the construction of fiber-based, high power systems, all from the ground up. These rugged OEM modules incorporate advanced fiber solutions to enable seamless scaling to multi-kW power levels. As requirements change, one can plan with confidence that the parts selected today will match alongside those of tomorrow.

TrueMode™ Laser Cavities

For use with conventional 'Low NA' pumps, the TrueMode-15 laser cavity provides up to 36 pump ports suitable for up to 750 Watts output power. To keep pace with emerging higher power diodes (>100W) and 'High NA' using fuller fill, the TrueMode-22 laser cavity provides capability for up to 750W through a maximum of 16 pumping ports. The most recent generation, the TrueMode-kW platform provides the benefit of using large numerical aperture pump modules and still has access to up to 36 pumping ports. The TrueMode-kW cavity delivers 1kW or more output power. TrueMode cavities are designed to support one of two delivery options; single-mode or compatible output fiber.

TrueM2™ Beam Combiners

Beam or laser combining has become a popular method for quickly reaching higher powers as needed. The modularity offered by this approach has several advantages n terms of building, sparing, and upgrading capability down the road. TrueM2 beam combiners provide a practical means of scaling with only a few simple splices. All TrueMode™ modules can be equipped with a single-mode output fiber, ready for direct coupling to a matching TrueM2 beam combiner. This truly single-mode operation helps ensure a noise free connection which reduces instabilities and feedback effects. For compatibility with others, TrueM2 beam combiners are engineered to work with three emerging core diameter standards within the 10 to 20 range.

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