Customer Connection Interface

The Customer Connection Interface (CCI) has been designed to provide an aesthetic and minimized footprint at the customer site. Supporting both greenfield and brownfield applications, the CCI allows for a ‘no break’ upgrade, as the new box and fiber can be installed over the copper without disconnection. The grey, UV-rated wall-mount box can be mounted at the customer right to the existing capping and over existing copper to limit the overall connectivity footprint. For air-blown fiber, the box supports a 6x3mm reducer, fiber unit locking and gas blocking connector. For underground air-blown installations, the unit is able to interface with the BFT Droptube. The compact design support up to 4 fusion splices with a flip-up splice tray and can be upgraded to support connectivity. The CCI can be widely deployed as its flexibility allows for connection to a variety of drop cable designs.


Some of the FEATURES

  • Provides splicing or a connection point for drops to the customer
  • Backplate allows for a ‘No-Break’ upgrade from copper service to fiber
  • Compatible with blown fiber • Wall-mountable, matches up to existing Capping Solution
  • Flexible seal between backplate and wall to limit water ingress
  • Supports a range of drop cable sizes
  • Easy to enter and re-enter
  • Four output cable options – 2 outside, 1 inside Capping 25, 1 through the backplate/wall

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