HVDC – Thyristor Triggering Controls

At OFS we believe that with great power comes great responsibility. Transmission schemes of High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) are more efficient and have a greater capability than AC systems. If not properly harnessed, elevated amounts of charged energy can be dangerous. The proper protection of your conductive materials also ensures electronic noise will not scramble networks and IT systems. Imagine the ability to enjoy high NA optical fiber that captures more input power with very low bend-induced attenuation, and high coupling efficiency.

OFS offers a full slate of solutions for your HVDC needs. HCS® (Hard-Clad Silica) is a problem-solving, hard polymer-coated optical fiber system invented in the early years of the optical fiber industry. The revolutionary GiHCS® (Graded-Index, Hard-Clad Silica) optical fiber solution from OFS provides the end-user more bandwidth capability along with the added benefit of easy-to-use HCS optical fibers. OFS has developed and proven the robustness and simplicity of using optical fibers in a wide variety of non-traditional applications.

Part of the HCS fiber family, these fibers are compatible with crimp and cleave termination as well as traditional epoxy/polish connector systems.

Current and Voltage Measurement

The most common way to measure high voltage currents has traditionally been using bulky and heavy current transformers (CTs). These CTs, besides their size and weight, have several additional shortcomings as magnetic saturation and limited bandwidth cause them to often not give a true image of the primary current. Fiber optic-based devices that exploit the Faraday Effect or use other principles, have great potential as an attractive new technology for current measurement. OFS industrial HCS® optical fibers are part of these systems where they are require to perform in harsh environments, including extreme temperature ranges.

Arc Flash Protection

New guidelines and standards put forward by international trade and safety bodies such as the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have helped raise awareness about the dangers of Arc flash events.

OFS industrial HCS® fibers are used in Arc Flash Detection Systems to detect and trip for an arc flash event in the shortest time possible.

Learn how Electrical Power Systems use optical fiber products are used in communication with protection, monitoring, and control devices.

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