For Ethernet on the factory floor, the OFS GiHCS® Industrial Cabling Solution enables optimized production, integration of production data, and enhanced SFP- and GBIC-based Ethernet switch and routing device accessibility and operation. These rugged, reliable multimode step-index fiber optic cables also provide an effective solution for common industry problems such as electrical noise, temperature fluctuation, high vibration, chemical exposure, and cable flexing.

OFS ruggedized industrial fiber optic cables are compatible with our easy-to-use crimp and cleave LC (SFP transceivers) connector technology.

GiHCS, LSZH/OFNR Riser Rated Industrial Cables are built for fast (100 Mb/s) and gigabit Ethernet (1000 Mb/s) speeds and operate in a temperature range of 20 to 80 °C. They have high tensile strength, are available for indoor or outdoor use, are RoHS and REACH compliant, and are resistant to abrasion, vibration, and chemicals.

The Crimp & Cleave LC connector kits allow for quick, easy terminations, with no power, epoxy, gels, or polishing required; you do not have to be a fiber optic expert to install one of these. Just crimp, cleave, and leave.

We have lots of customers using OFS optical fibers and cables for factory automation in robots and their control systems, meeting the long term demands for torsion, flexing, strength and bend radius.


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