FlightLinx® PLUS Aerospace & Defense Fiber Optic Cable

Flexible, Reliable, Light Weight, Ease of Termination

FlightLinx® PLUS Fiber Optic Cable designed for inflight entertainment, internet access, networking and display systems used in commercial aircraft.

FlightLinx PLUS Fiber Optic Cable is a 1.8 mm ruggedized single jacket cable designed to meet or exceed ARINC 802 performance requirements without the need for a double jacket. The high performing construction consists of a tight buffered fiber within a loose structure cable which allows for reliable pull-proof termination and helps prevent kinking, epoxy wicking and fiber breakage during and after deployment. The buffer tube provides additional crush and impact protection for harsh installations in aircraft. The braided strength member allows for high strength, flexibility and reliability during bending. The FlightLinx PLUS Fiber Optic Cable design provides proven stability over temperature and thermal shock for low shrinkage.

This 1.8 mm cable design addresses the demand for lighter weight and improved aircraft fuel efficiency. Premium 50 µm, 62.5 µm and bend-insensitive singlemode OFS optical fiber offers increased bandwidth for data communications



OFS Showcases FlightLinx® PLUS Fiber Optic Cable at The Paris Air Show 2023


Typical Applications

  • Inflight entertainment
  • Internet access
  • Networking and display systems used in commercial aircraft

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