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To form rollable ribbons, individual 250 µm fibers are partially bonded to each other at intermittent points. This design allows for highly efficient ribbon splicing and easy individual fiber breakout.

For tough, indoor routing applications, AccuRiser™ Indoor/Outdoor Rollable Ribbon Cables deliver the triple benefits of mass fusion splicing, compact size and excellent flexibility. And the strong, yet flexible AccuFlex® Rollable Ribbon Cables provide the highest fiber density relative to cable size while remaining easy to handle and install to help speed deployment.

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To learn more about these totally gel-free cables, please access the product data sheets below or contact your OFS representative.

We also manufacture Outdoor Rollable Ribbon Cable.

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OFS AccuFlex Rollable Ribbon Cable

The AccuFlex Rollable Ribbon Cable was designed to offer theAccuFlex® Rollable Ribbon Cable highest fiber density possible relative to cable size with a highly flexible cable jacket. The result is an ultra-compact and dense cable that requires less space, allowing installers to double the density of existing pathways vs. standard flat ribbon cable designs.

This cable features 12-fiber rollable ribbons that help to facilitate efficient mass fusion splice-in-place operations and easy access to individual fibers. This capability can help to get a new data center or central office deployment up and running quickly. The strong yet flexible, plenum-rated AccuFlex Rollable Ribbon Cable helps to prevent installation issues including packing density, routing and speed of deployment. This cable’s flame rating also meets the demands of NFPA 262, thereby allowing installation into air-handling spaces.

In all, the AccuFlex Rollable Ribbon Cable offers an outstanding solution for data centers/ central offices and head ends. It is also an excellent choice for high-bandwidth applications that use single-mode optical fiber.

Download the  AccuFlex Rollable Ribbon Cable Spec Sheet



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