LaserWave Multimode Optical Fibers continue to be the most economical and preferred fiber types for short reach applications. Multimode fiber utilizes inexpensive short wavelength VCSEL-based optics, which can provide substantial cost savings compared to using long wavelength optics with single-mode fiber.

LaserWave Multimode fibers support legacy, low bit-rate systems, while providing same-fiber upgrade to the latest high speed 400 Gigabit networks. These multimode fibers can be used for a wide variety of fiber optic applications, including but not limited to:


  • Enterprise LAN and campus (including WiFi backbones, security, video/surveillance, building control systems,
    Smart Buildings, etc.)
  • Data Centers and Storage Area Networks
  • High Speed Computing
  • Central Offices and Edge Data Centers
  • Cell Towers / Antennas, especially for 5G networks that will require shorter reach connections.

The LaserWave Optical Fiber family offers outstanding connection loss performance and can enable cable suppliers to support lower cable attenuation. Combining this with excellent macrobend and bandwidth performance, OFS LaserWave Optical Fiber provides greater system margins and improved link reliability.

OFS has a heritage of supplying multimode optical fiber products and fiber laser components that have significantly tighter specifications than required by industry standards. This is driven by excellent process capability and superior engineering.

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