Long Haul Telecommunications

Long haul networks carry huge loads of information between cities, through mountains, and from coast to coast, creating challenges to keep the signal clear and the loss minimal. Finding the most appropriate fibers that combine the lowest dispersion and smallest dispersion slope is crucial for signals to travel over long distances with minimum need for costly dispersion compensation. OFS makes this easy by offering outstanding optical fibers and cables especially designed for this application. Building a long-haul network today is more challenging than ever. Since the advent of Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) and fiber amplifiers, the need for light path integrity has reached a critical level. Careful choices in fiber type, cable design, and optical connectivity can make the difference in performance, implementation cost and long-term integrity of the light path.

OFS offers a variety of cable and fiber optic connectivity solutions to meet or exceed the tough demands of long-haul networks. Deploying optical fiber cable over power lines, submarine, along railroad tracks or highways, and in gas lines drive certain requirements in cable design, all of which OFS can fulfill, with exceptional products and solutions.

As long-haul cables reach equipment, OFS has leading connectivity products that ensure the integrity of the high speed, high performance, DWDM signals.

Fiber products associated with this application:

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