Typically lasers using optical fiber as a delivery mechanism, work in cosmetic applications through a process that modulates the frequency of light to produce heat in a specific area of the body to ablate tissue or yield the desired therapy.

Lasers are continually evolving, delivering different powers, wavelengths and other features that help the physician, and ultimately the patient, achieve the desired outcome. As one example, different wavelengths target different skin issues. Therefore, a variety of lasers are needed to treat a variety of skin conditions.

OFS offers glass fiber waveguides for a variety of wavelengths and power requirements. Whether the procedure is for skin resurfacing, vascular lesions, tattoos, hair removal, or laser assisted liposuction, OFS medical optical fibers are proven to provide great high performance.

See white papers below for examples:

The medical industry requires controlled, sterile environments to manufacture the highest quality optical fibers. The OFS facilities for medical manufacturing with our medical and quality certifications ensure optimal performance from our fibers and assemblies. OFS robust quality management system gives original equipment manufacturers and end users peace of mind.


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