As the industrial laser industry trend continues to adopt the fiber laser technology into their cutting and welding machine platforms, OFS has developed a product offering called Fiber Laser Building Blocks. These All Fiber Solutions are scalable from 500 W to multi-KW applications. Since the early years of fiber lasers, OFS has developed and manufactured high power components and modules. These building blocks are based upon proprietary and patented technology that gives machine manufacturers the opportunity to build their own fiber laser system from the ground up.

OFS provides two product lines: the TrueMode™ Fiber Laser Cavity as well as the TrueM2™ Beam Combiner. At the fiber laser level, the OFS TrueMode laser cavities package Ytterbium resonators with matching power combiner configurations to deliver up to 1 kW of true single-mode output when using suitably chosen diodes. The TrueM2 Beam combiners provide a practical means of scaling up with only a few simple splices. In addition to the TrueMode cavities, the TrueM2 beam combiners are compatible with other fiber lasers having matching output. OFS also offers a “kit” solution that provides a custom combination cavity and beam combiner package designed for a customer’s preferred laser architecture.


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