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Madrid, Spain, March 26, 2024

Furukawa Electric has announced its agreement with Movistar, in which the telecommunications company will employ InvisiLight technology by OFS to provide its customers easy-to-install, high-performance fiber optics that preserve the appearance of buildings and the environment.

The InvisiLight solution enables virtually invisible fiber deployment in residences or businesses to the ONT with simple installation and minimal disturbance or damage to the surroundings. Movistar chose InvisiLight for its Fiber to the Room (FTTR) solution, which delivers fiber optics (P2MP backhaul) to different locations in the building, such as rooms and offices, without altering the look of the surroundings.

The agreement will enable Movistar to offer customers the best broadband connection with the wide coverage and long-term advantages of fiber. “A key challenge when setting up Wi-Fi in buildings or on a floor is to guarantee a good signal in all parts of the home, especially when there are internal walls, metal structures, insulation, stairs, or buildings with several floors. Despite the possible use of repeaters or amplifiers, signal quality and bandwidth can be easily lost. This obstacle was precisely the one that Telefónica sought to solve and opted for the InvisiLight solution,” explains Diego Martín, Furukawa Electric commercial manager for EMEA.

Incorporating this solution into its portfolio enables Movistar to attract new customers thanks to its discreet, high-quality fiber optic offering. It also helps retain existing users through its superior network capacity compared to competitors. This enables the expansion of service offerings such as high-speed internet, with lower latency for gaming and pay TV, which opens up new revenue opportunities. Additionally, the InvisiLight solution ensures simpler, faster installation for both the operator and the end-user.

At the same time, the end customer will experience better connection quality, enjoy super-high speed in any corner of their home, and take advantage of using new technologies that need high connection and bandwidth, such as smart home (IoT) devices.

“With high technology, users will be able to prepare their homes for the future. Fiber optic infrastructure is highly versatile and capable of handling increasing bandwidth demands, making it a future-proof choice for emerging technologies such as virtual reality, the Internet of Things (IoT), and high-definition broadcasting,” says Rodrigo Sanchez, Global Account Manager for Telefónica Group at Furukawa Electric.

The end customer will also benefit from improved connection quality, super-fast speed throughout their home, and the ability to use new technologies that require high connection and bandwidth, such as smart home (IoT) devices.

“Users can get their homes ready for the future with high technology. Fiber optic infrastructure is highly adaptable and can handle increasing bandwidth needs, making it a future-ready option for emerging technologies such as virtual reality, the Internet of Things (IoT), and high-definition broadcasting,” says Rodrigo Sanchez, Global Account Manager for Telefónica Group at Furukawa Electric.

In addition, adequate broadband is fundamentally supportive for professionals who work from home and who have to live with different equipment or additional devices in a connected home. Without the need to disconnect any of the devices due to signal quality loss, users can reconcile family and professional life. It also makes a fundamental difference for heavy users, such as gamers and streamers, as InvisiLight avoids latency and bandwidth loss issues.

“InvisiLight allows the signal to bend around the corners, like those in hallways, that regular fiber cannot cope with without signal loss. Thanks to the characteristics of this type of fiber, the connection can be taken to various points in the house, installing one or more routers as needed and maintaining the quality of the main router so that there is no loss of signal. All in a very discreet, non-invasive way and with an installation in just over 60 minutes,” Diego Martín continues.

In addition to the solution chosen by Telefónica (InvisiLight), Furukawa Solutions has another option, the InvisiLight Facade Solution, which seeks to solve an age-old problem of wiring or visible external ducts, with a new approach: it makes it practically invisible to bring fiber to the multiple customers of a building. Its quick installation allows direct passage from the outside of the building to the living areas. In addition, it is accepted by landlords and tenants for its compact size and, discreet appearance. It is prepared for next-generation SOPs and does not need a wiring upgrade.

In the era of digital transformation, fiber optics is the main connectivity medium and a key infrastructure element for consolidating the Internet of Things (IoT) and the smart cities of the future.

In this new generation of the Internet, virtual reality, streaming, and remote management of multiple services are increasingly present in people’s lives, demanding the best connectivity.

In this scenario, optical fiber is the only technology capable of offering speeds above 1Gb/s and meeting the increasingly demanding needs of organizations, industries, and homes, as well as supporting the new applications that will be developed in the market in the coming years. Fiber optic networks are the most robust and efficient means of leveraging the enormous volume of data that IoT sensors will generate, for processing in all enterprise and data centers through business intelligence or data analytics tools.

Learn more about the Movistar offer here: FTTR Fiber – Movistar

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