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Bending performance of A2 fiber with 9.2 µm mode field diameter

OFC 2024, Booth 2041, San Diego, California, March 26, 2024

OFS, a leader in fiber optic solutions, announces the introduction of AllWave A2 9.2 Zero Water Peak (ZWP) Optical Fiber combining the bending performance and reliability of AllWave FLEX+ A2 Optical Fiber with the added benefit of a 9.2 µm mode field diameter allowing seamless integration of bend-insensitive fiber into existing FTTX, central office, data center and high power networks utilizing 9.2 µm MFD fiber.

“We saw that multiple dwelling unit and central office customers splicing G.652D fiber to a newer A2 fiber were realizing OTDR testing anomalies.  The AllWave A2 9.2 Optical Fiber has the bending performance of an A2 fiber with the added benefit of a larger 9.2 µm mode field diameter which reduces OTDR anomalies at the splice point due to mismatched mode field diameters. This ultimately allows for one-way OTDR testing which allows for more efficient testing,” said Michael Perry, Senior Manager, FTTX Business Development for OFS.

AllWave A2 9.2 Optical Fiber offers exceptional low loss and bending performance across the full 1260 nm – 1625 nm wavelength range. Its macrobending and microbending loss improvements, along with its robust strength and reliability, enable:

  • More compact, intricate cabinet and enclosure designs.
  • Protection against excessive loss from inadvertent fiber bends.
  • Reduction in potential damage from cable flexing, pulling, and crushing.

The new AllWave A2 9.2 Optical Fiber is available in both AccuRiser™ and R-Pack™ 250 µm cable designs.

To learn more, please visit OFS Booth #2041 at OFC in San Diego, California, March 26th – 28th, or visit www.ofsoptics.com/OFC.

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