InvisiLight Drop Solution

The OFS InvisiLight® Drop Solution offers a fast, easy, virtually invisible way to extend an OFS EZ-Bend® drop cable indoors by converting it to the InvisiLight solution.  Converting it to an InvisiLight Solution increases customer acceptance and eliminates the need for transition boxes. 


  • Transforms indoor living unit lengths of OFS EZ-Bend 3.0 and 4.8 mm drop cables and cable assemblies to InvisiLight fiber 
  • Same components and adhesive as existing InvisiLight ILU Solution 
  • Same installation tools as existing InvisiLight ILU Solution, plus a cable sheath removal tool 
  • Compatible with the SlimBox® Wall Plate
4.8 Drop Cable
4.8 Drop Cable
Wall Plate


  • Virtually invisible fiber installation where needed 
  • Fast fiber routing inside the living unit with few components
  • Eliminates connection or splice between drop and ILU fiber 
  • Compatible with desktop or wall mount ONT installations
  • Reliable, proven technology based on the InvisiLight Solution

Product Description

The InvisiLight Drop Solution offers a faster, virtually invisible way to extend OFS EZ-Bend drop cable from outside to inside the living unit. It allows the installer to remove a length of the EZ-Bend drop cable’s outer jacket to expose the InvisiLight fiber inside, then use the InvisiLight installation process to affix the fiber to the wall to reach an adapter inside a SlimBox Wall Plate or wall mount ONT. From the SlimBox Wallplate, an EZ-Bend jumper may be used to connect to a desktop ONT. The solution kit features the components and instructions needed to properly route the InvisiLight fiber along and through walls. Sold separately are the application adhesive, adhesive installation tools, and a tool to easily remove the EZ-Bend drop cable’s outer jacket.

  1. Outdoor EZ-Bend drop cable 
  2. Plug and cap between outside and inside home 
  3. Interior and exterior corners for the installation of the InvisiLight fiber 
  4. 900µm InvisiLight fiber 
  5. SlimBox Wall plate for connection to the desktop ONT or to the InvisiLight ILU solution 
  6. Optional InvisiLight ILU Module connected to the Wall Plate

The use of the InvisiLight Drop Solution for FTTH deployment enables installers to satisfy their customers’ need for a nearly invisible fiber optic solution inside the home and provides confidence that the network will meet the bandwidth demands of today and tomorrow. 

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