Optical fiber in DAS applications allows for near real-time measurements. Featuring low attenuation, long reach, and a dielectric nature (immunity to RFI and EMI), optical fiber in DAS creates a long sensor element (up to 50 km) that can detect high-resolution events throughout the entire length. Our Ge-doped single-mode and pure-core single-mode fiber type products, in particular, ensure the lowest cost per sensor point and offer reliable leak detection.

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Part Number Fiber Type Coating System Interrogation Method H2 diffusion resistance Max. Temp.
BF04446 Ge-doped single-mode PYROCOAT® Coherent Rayleigh 300 ˚C
BF05717 Carbon/PYROCOAT® Good* 300 ˚C
F81255 Single-mode PYROCOAT® K 300 ˚C

*In harsh environments, like those found in oil and gas applications, molecular hydrogen will diffuse from the environment, through virtually all materials, and nest in the core of the optical fiber. This build-up of hydrogen causes attenuation to increase, is highly variable, and affected by temperature, pressure, and hydrogen concentration. At OFS we continuously study methods for managing hydrogen diffusion and incorporate several techniques in the design of our optical fibers to improve performance and reliability in these harsh environments.

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