Highly Compact, Indoor Backbone Cable Offers a Key Step Forward in Cable Innovation for Data Center, Central Office and Fiber-to-the-Business (FTTB) Applications

Product Description

The R-Pack™ Rollable Ribbon (RR) Backbone Cable was specifically designed to offer high fiber density in a small, lightweight cable developed for high-growth, high-bandwidth applications. This very compact cable features rollable ribbons, the newest optical fiber ribbon design from OFS. These ribbons help enable efficient, cost-effective mass fusion ribbon splicing and easy individual fiber breakout while also supporting rapid multifiber terminations and installations. This ribbon design may also be “rolled” (compacted) and routed like individual fibers or spliced like a traditional fiber ribbon.

Why the R-Pack Rollable Ribbon Backbone Cable?

Featuring rollable ribbons allows the R-Pack RR Backbone Cable to offer twice the fiber density when compared to a traditional flat ribbon premises cable. This design results in a highly compact, fiber-dense and robust cable that helps customers to substantially improve fiber routing and save on space in demanding and congested pathways. The 12-fiber rollable ribbons allow splice-in-place operations that help to get a facility up and running quickly. This lightweight and flexible cable also helps to ease installation through raceways and tight bends as well as smoothing and speeding installation. The very compact design also improves ladder rack utilization (more cables in the same space).

While the R-Pack RR Backbone Cable meets stringent Telcordia GR-409 standards for horizontal backbone applications, its plenum construction also meets NFPA 202 requirements for use in many demanding building applications. In fact, this cable can be used in a broad range of application spaces or to even construct assemblies.

With its versatile design and excellent performance, the R-Pack Rollable Ribbon Backbone Cable is a natural choice for use in Data Centers, Central Offices and Fiber-to-the-Business (FTTB) applications.

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