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Fiber Optic Solutions for Smart Grid and Broadband Networks

Robust, reliable, leading-edge are just a few of the words the industry uses to describe fiber optic products from OFS. As a long-standing supplier to electrical, telephone co-ops and municipalities, we understand the concept of bringing long-term value to our customers, so you can bring the same to yours.

We also understand the special challenges in building rural fiber networks and have fiber optic cables and associated products specifically designed for these applications.

Case Study: Westfield, Massachusetts Leading with Fiber

Internet connectivity is a necessity in twenty first-century America. We work and attend school online. We conduct meetings, share information, access entertainment, and, increasingly, obtain vital services such as healthcare on the web. Yet even as our dependence on the Internet grows, some areas of the U.S. remain without the necessary infrastructure to keep pace.

Not all of these Internet deserts are rural.  In smaller cities, incumbent Internet service providers (ISPs) can dominate the market, declining to upgrade services beyond the minimum speeds allowed for broadband by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

This study describes how one small community in western Massachusetts addressed the need for reasonably priced high-speed symmetrical broadband service through the installation of a fiber optic infrastructure that not only serves the city but has prompted and facilitated similar fiber adoption throughout the region. Through a carefully conceived and cleverly executed plan sponsored by a local utility, Westfield, Mass., became one of the first cities in the state to offer 1-Gb/s symmetrical Internet connectivity to residents, schools, hospitals, and businesses. While the region continues to benefit from existing service, a full 10-Gb/s will soon be available through a simple software upgrade for existing equipment.

WHITE PAPER:  Utilities and Alternative Energy Solutions

The power network is changing. It needs the bandwidth and reliability of fiber. OFS brings unique solutions for fiber in the power network.
OFS’ FOX Solution® for Utility and Alternative Energy applications features several end-to-end solutions optimized to distribute fiber in traditional Transmission and Distribution networks.

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